Coming out of lockdown 6 in Melbourne on 22 October 2021 for me was a non-event. I peeked out of my apartment and observed the new world from afar. It’s not because I’m scared or worried. I’ve had Covid-19 and I’m fully vaccinated so I don’t live in fear of it, but I have been exhausted this year and I didn’t feel the need to go hard too soon. Slowly, slowly is my new pace. The first night out of lockdown, I stayed at home taking care of Foxy after she had her spaying procedure. No puppies for either of us! For the first time in a long time, I felt really ok as the world partied hard for their freedom, I was happy at home caring for my girl. Foxy is such a big part of my world now so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

This lockdown lasted 82 days with Melbournians enduring a total of 260 days of restrictions during the pandemic. Reflecting on this time, I realise that I simply adjusted to this new norm and that coming out of it isn’t such a big deal to me. My life has become simpler and leisurely so it’s easy for me to adjust and adapt. Last year I was living with my parents and whilst it was wonderful to have their company, there was also an expiry date for us all! I needed my own home and my favourite area of Melbourne. Between lockdowns, I found and rented a New York warehouse-style apartment in Southbank near my beloved Royal Botanic Gardens. This window-filled North/East facing apartment stands high face Melbourne city. Sometimes I just sit with Foxy and we both watch the world, observers just relaxing in the moment.

As the seasons change and we all moved in and out of lockdowns, I also found myself on the roller-coaster ride of puppy life. Sleep deprivation and constant cleaning of the various eliminations puppies do, I was up and down like a yoyo. I’m blessed that I had flexible work conditions as a consultant as my sleep-deprived body found a new layer of emotional intolerance that I wasn’t expecting with a puppy. And being single, there’s an added layer of isolation because there’s nobody there to give you a hug or rub your shoulders on a bad day. That tactile touch makes such a difference. However, the isolation dissipated when Foxy arrived! Her cuddles and play time filled my heart so much I honestly believe she saved me this year.

So what does the future look like? Who knows! I think we all can agree on one thing. The world has changed and we are now in for a new world with many uncertainties. Has it changed for the better? Will we learn from this time? I hope so. As with nature, regeneration and evolvement are a given. The seasons will come and go and we will move with the times. We are all united in this experience and hopefully more compassionate because of it. Be kind. Give love. Cuddle your pets as they are such a special gift in our world.

Janine and Foxy

Take care of YOU!

Miss Meaningful x