There is so much to l’amour about Paris. There’s the constant view of stunning buildings on every corner that stand strong after so many centuries…the traffic chaos that just seems to work. The perfect rhythm of the metro…and the romantic undercurrent that is demonstrated on every corner. I don’t just mean the lovers kissing on bridges and taking perfect selfies… I mean the romance of the past. History! A time when a selfie was sketching your surroundings or writing prose that inspires.

Today I walked with awareness. Ok, I limped a little… but the merde foot is getting better so I persevered and kept walking because, well…I’m in PARIS!

I realised I was so caught up in my disappointment about what I can’t do that I forgot to SEE. To really witness my surroundings. And to be grateful for this time. Today I was 100% in-the-moment. I enjoyed every second with gratitude. I noticed the details. I enjoyed every mouthful of deliciousness that I eat. Every place I visited had my full attention.

I spent time in the famous Shakespeare And Company bookstore (stunning) touching books and seeing a space that was a sanctuary for so many writers who had big dreams…

Of course, I had to buy something and a book jumped into my hands… Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “How to SEE”. #lovebooks #serendipity #angels

Maybe that’s the insight I’ve gained from my previously mentioned merde foot?

Regarde et voit!

Soundtrack: Tom Walker – Angels…LOVE