One of my favourite charities is CareFlight – bringing the hospital to people who cannot wait to get there for life-saving care. Their specialist doctors, nurses and paramedics use air ambulances to reach critically ill and injured patients.

CareFlight also provides search and rescue support to the Australian Maritime Authority (AMSA). They are the real-world superheroes! Their night vision capability and winch equipped helicopters allow them to locate and rescue people in the dark and from difficult to access places. How awesome is that!

You can support them through making a donation or you could buy cute teddy bears! The beauty of this is you not only make a donation but also get a gift to give to someone and share the love! Now that’s meaningful.

Collect one or collect them all! I’ve given several away but also kept the Fighter Pilot ‘the dashing one’ because he’s just so cute!

Careflight is a registered Australian Charity.