I’m introducing this post with a song. Think Pseudo Echo circa 1985 singing Funky Town. Oh, how I loved to dance to this song. That introduction; those techno sounds; the words! It just worked so well on the dance floor.
Fast forward 35 years (OMG) and I’m in a whole different funk. Those of you who travel regularly know that it can have its ups and downs. And I’m on a downer. I’m in a funk and I can’t seem to shake it.
Before I decided to go on this BIG TRIP, I started an intense exercise regime. Lots of squats and planks and other forms of torture. It wasn’t long before my body was suffering. Two steps forward, 10 steps back. Sore neck, back, hips, etc… and then… the evil plantar fasciitis arrived. Those who have had it, know what I mean. It’s an intense pain underneath your heal and the arch of your foot. It is like stepping on a really bad bruise EVERY DAY. It makes you waddle like a duck.
So, I added more people to my ‘Health Team’. Oh yes, I had a team. A team of expensive specialists engaged to help me get into the best shape of my life! But my body had other plans. It decided it was time to turn up the menopause (more about that another time). And it decided to give me an ailment that is debilitating. Everyone had advice and I followed it ALL for three whole months. And here I am, overseas on the adventure of a lifetime, and I CAN’T WALK!!!!! So I waddle. I waddle for 15 minutes then the pain is too much so I find a place to sit. Then off I go again… I’ve spent the last week in a pity party wondering why this is happening to me (insert tears and tantrums here). I had these grand dreams of meandering through cobbled stone streets getting lost and finding interesting treasures. Now, instead, I waddle through these uneven annoying streets making pain noises, my eyes welling with tears because I’m lost and I can’t find a taxi to take me home.
And so now the Health Team is international! Tripple the expense but what’s your hard-earned money for if not for your precious health? From New York to London I’m supporting their economy in more ways than one! Today I was close to going to a really expensive specialist until they gave the estimate – Five Hundred Quid… Umm…. Stay tuned for more on my Health Team.
Being the person that I am, I’m now asking the Universe “What’s the meaning in all of this?” No answer yet. Maybe the Universe can’t find me? After realising that THIS IS MY CURRENT REALITY. I decided to stop my pity party and teary tantrums and just accept that for now, I am a slow walker. I have to stop and rest when I need to. I have to pay for a taxi. The light at the end of the tunnel? I actually have the time. I’m able to walk slowly and sit still. So why not surrender to the circumstances and be ok with it? Let’s see how this goes…

Meaningful moment: Taking time to just BE…
Challenges: Having a sore foot really sux and pisses me off
Places: London and currently in a cute little cottage hotel in Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover UK