I created this blog to write about good business and the exciting world of social enterprise. During this crazy time with the COVID19 pandemic, I’m at a loss of how to make a connection to my meaningful message. As I sit in my apartment in Lapland, Finland under quarantine, I reflect on my experience so far.

I arrived in Lapland on Thursday 12th of March to see the Northern Lights. I woke on Friday the 13th with aches all over my body and a high fever. I immediately advised the authorities and the process started.

Since then, I’ve had the best care. My Doctor, Outi, is amazingly supportive and accessible. The Aurora Zone Tour Manager, Lucia, is a blessing – bringing me anything I need (including chocolate) and answering my calls no matter what time of day or night! I have plenty of food and lots of tissues and toilet paper. I have great WiFi so easy access to my family and friends.

In the beginning, I found this experience very challenging. Particularly being on my own in a foreign land. The first few days were very stressful for me and I realised that under extreme pressure I react emotionally. That’s of course understandable. I discovered that I am resilient to a point. Once that point is reached, I struggle. By no means am I worried about my health. My symptoms are mild. My emotional reaction is because I have no control. I was worried, I was scared and I was in extreme stress. Communication was limited. Not knowing if I was positive or negative was terrifying. This lead to major anxiety and little sleep. I was worried about what will happen to me through this process. How will I survive being isolated for so long? Will I be able to leave Finland? How will I get home with airports closing? Can I get into Australia? What happens once I do get home? That fear of the unknown, and the solitude of the tiny cabin I was quarantined in, was too much for me.

But after 5.5 days in quarantine, a move to a larger and brighter apartment, I am now in a much better place. I can cook and wash my clothes, I can get fresh air on the balcony. My symptoms are almost gone and I only have a mild head cold and aches. I’m rational and actually now feeling quite relaxed. I have the most beautiful place to stay and can do short walks in this snowy wonderland. Whilst I can’t be near people, there are many open spaces I can walk to without worry of infecting anyone. My face mask doesn’t seem to concern anyone.

Now I am ok with the unknown. I’ve adapted. This is the human spirit. We all need to adapt to a situation that is foreign and uncomfortable.

I guess the meaningful connection is about community. I see a resurgence of community care. I hear stories of sharing and caring for others. Of course, there are stories of selflessness but I suggest we all share the good stories of kindness.

I heard from a friend that the Atlantic Group has donated food destined for the Grand Prix to the Salvation Army, to feed Melbourne’s needy. Save The City Paris volunteers are working through ways they can continue to feed the homeless there. And Italians locked down sing from Balconies. I’m sure there are more stories, so please share them!

Take care of yourself, your community and your loved ones!