Bonjour de Montpellier! I am here to learn French and experience this lovely city in Southern France.

Whilst my foot pain is still present, I’ve managed to get into a routine of sorts and my apartment is in the centre of the city with little need for long walks. And whilst I have four floors to walk up and down, I don’t need to walk for miles every day so I can rest and stretch. De très bonnes nouvelles!

My mornings are spent learning French with a wonderful teacher called Elodie and it’s only 5 minutes to our class. So far, I am having a fun time learning but it’s very interesting being the student again. Stay tuned for more!

My afternoons are spent buying food at the market, getting to know the area and practising my French. J’apprends le français! C’est difficile, mais satisfaisant.

Today I was able to expand my walk a little and explore some wonderful little alleyways in the historical centre filled with gorgeous cafe’s and shops. And I found my dream location! It’s called Ateliers St Roch. It’s where Montpellier’s craft and artisans share their fabulous creations. As well as shops that support local producers. Magnifique!

When I travel I get excited about local produce and artists. It really is a meaningful way to travel – finding out about their work and supporting the locals with your purchasing power. Très bonne affaire!

En route pour étudier (off to study…). Au revoir!

Photos – 1) @500degres 2) Delicies and compagnie