Some people come to Paris to visit the magnificent sights and Museums. Some spend their days enjoying the flavours of French fair and people watching from tiny tables outside grand restaurants. Some just love wandering the laneways or visiting doorways with mystery beyond. I’ve enjoyed all of these myself and I’ve discovered a meaningful side too.

Welcome Bio Bazar is a concept store bienveilliant ethique et slow (benevolent ethical and slow concept store) offering a wide range of very attractive ecological and ethical products. It’s a huge store with so many delights for those like me who love this meaningful stuff. There are products for the whole home! And everything is designed to give life to a green and responsible lifestyle, “without losing sight of the aesthetic and functional appearance of the products”.

Welcome Bio Bazar offers alternatives for “responsible consumption” and encourages their followers to learn, participate and be empowered. There is a smorgasbord of goodies waiting to be explored and I only wish I had a bigger suitcase.

This business promotes recycling, healthy and local eating, anti-waste, crafts, solidarity and cooperation.

I’ve been shopping at the épicerie and the grande supermarché and noticed plastic is everywhere. Vegetables wrapped in plastic. Food in plastic containers. Plastic bottles and bags. The list goes on…

Businesses such as Welcome Bio Bazar are a welcome relief. And one I can see the locals adore. I highly recommend a visit if you’re interested in a different side of Paris.

The only challenge for a traveller like me is that the gorgeous glass containers are too heavy and fragile to carry. So I’m searching for alternatives to store my goodies. Stay tuned for more on these ideas as I figure it all out myself.

Au Revoir de Paris!