Peas in my potato

by | Oct 4, 2012 | Food, Loving Life

Many years ago (when I was a young fussy eater) I hated peas.  I didn’t like many vegetables actually.  Mum would spend so much time trying to make them more interesting and edible.  She would add honey to carrots and cheese on zucchini – well it was the 70’s!

But, there was nothing she could do to make me eat peas. I just didn’t like them at all and was not convinced frozen peas and mint went well together.

One day, she decided it would be a clever idea to hide the peas in mashed potato!  Bless her… A great idea if potato was ‘green’!  So of course I found them and was mortified that I may have accidentally eaten a pea. I am sure I made a fuss.  Sorry Mum.  Fast forward to now and whilst I wouldn’t say I ‘love’ peas, I do eat them because they are good for me.

Well that is all until I discovered Edible Gems freshly shelled peas.  All I can say is WOW!  They are not only delicious, firm and sweet but available for your pea pleasure right now (check out their site for stockists).

Straight from their farm, owners Michael and Jina Tripodi are busy bees with their peas.

You can tell these peas are grown with extra TLC because they are such a beautiful green colour too. (sigh…)

If you have been raised on frozen or canned peas I can guarantee that once you savour the fresh crisp taste of a fresh pea you won’t go back. For those fortunate enough to have experienced the fresh variety, you will love the nostalgia around the sweet taste and firmer texture” says Michael.

I had fun making some pea and pine nut pesto!  So delicious with crackers, on your salad or even as a condiment to your protein.  I’m forever a converted Edible Gems pea lover now.  Mum will be thrilled.

Next – Pea Risotto!

Happy cooking pea-peeps.

PS If you want the recipe for the pesto, just email me – ninipops at

Here’s to a happy Spring filled with lots of delicious fresh vegetables!

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