Ladies – there are people out there that seriously rock the inspiration! 

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 7.45.01 AMOn Monday night I had the absolute pleasure of joining a spectacular Collective Readers event at Estelle Bar & Kitchen in Melbourne with my friend Irene (@rinicuisini) and the inspirational Lisa Messenger and Claire Belbeck of the Renegade Collective Magazine.

Stretching the boundaries of publishing and defying market trends is all part of the fun for these ladies.

People said why would you – Lisa said why not start a new hard copy magazine in the 21st century? I’m so pleased you did Lisa!

I’m a big fan of magazines – I love the excitement of a new one, the touch and feel as each page shares something new.

The ethos of this magazine resonates with me.  Those of us who are entrepreneurial crave a community where we are inspired, encouraged and supported.  And there’s a secret hidden behind the glossy, environmentally friendly and part-recycled, pages. The secret is: it’s not just a magazine – it’s an experience – an attitude that says ‘yes I can’ – a source of encouraging stories that inspire and excite you. For me, it’s inspirational and meaningful – the perfect package.

What I gained from this Reader’s event was not only an evening of delicious food, wine and meaningful conversation – but an energy that anything is possible.  I can do it!  Whatever ‘it’ is – and I’ll do it with grace, passion and heart.

Thanks for your inspiration Renegade Collective.

Love & Peace x