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In 2010 I went on an amazing journey of a lifetime to Syria with my parents.  We were on an adventure to discover my mother’s ancestry and the birth place of her grandfather.

Damascus and the surrounding sites are a highlight of my travels so far.  There was a sense of calm amongst so much chaos in the Middle East and we immediately felt at home.  I could easily have lived there.  We met so many wonderful people too – with people stopping us in the streets to talk and practice their English.

Although Miss Meaningful is all about meaningful news, I cannot and will not turn a blind eye to the realities of the world’s conflicts.

What is happening in Syria hurts.  With all this violence and devastation I cannot imagine how the people are coping.  Something must be done to stop the violence and killings before it gets worse.  I don’t know what we can do but by being aware maybe we can put pressure on our Government to do something, anything?

Here is a section from the BBC News:

The UN has confirmed the deaths of at least 90 people, but the opposition Syrian National Council, as well as rights groups, put the toll higher.

Activists have complained that they called for help as the massacre was taking place.

Abu Emad, speaking from Houla, said their appeals to UN monitors failed to produce action.

“We told them at night, we called seven of them. We told them the massacre is being committed right now at Houla by the mercenaries of this regime and they just refused to come and stop the massacre,” he said.

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