I’m on a mission to find the perfect tea bag.  Those of us who love a good cup of tea, are usually very particular about how we have it.  With a splash of milk or a generous serving of soy?  With honey or sugar?  Mint anyone?

Today I’m now trying the 100% pure Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Fair Trade tea by Oxfam Australia.  I purchased this from my local supermarket and it’s almost the same price as other teas.  And it tastes delicious.  It’s low in tannins so very light and refreshing.  If, like me, you like your tea black you’ll love this one.





Oxfam have so many choices!

Check out this cute tea in a tin above – what a great gift idea at only $3.95.  You can never have too many tins!

And there are so many more fabulous Fair Trade gift ideas to choose from at very reasonable prices.

Buying Oxfam Australia’s Fair Trade products means you are taking care of people who really want to make a honest living.  Fair Trade farmers receive fair prices for the leaves which enables further development of their businesses in their communities.  So it’s meaningful for all.