ruok_speech_bubble_wm71d6d3b239af68c7b525ff0000b025c8RU OK? Day is today, Thursday 11th September

Today I am ok.

I’ve certainly had my moments over the years and I am not immune to melancholy. I am blessed to have a network of people I can count on if I need their help. And I know when I need to seek professional support – I’ve been there several times before and it’s made a positive difference. I’ve developed strategies to cope with the dark days which I call my wellbeing toolkit. When times get tough, I know to reach into my toolkit and take some action. But that’s my story…

Not everyone is like me and not every situation is the same. Life can be a challenge. I only wish for a world were we take care of each other and love each other enough to prevent anyone from choosing to end their life.

Yes this is a difficult conversation to have but it’s real. It needs our attention.

R U OK? is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging and empowering all people to ask “are you ok?” Even the strongest people may be struggling. By reaching out you may just save a life.

Today is a time to reflect on those you care about. Are they ok? What about people at work you don’t talk to often – ask them too. Ask everyone. Listen. Be kind. Love.

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robin-williams-portrait-by-brigitte-lacombeI am dedicating this post to an amazing entertainer, Robin Williams.

I grew up with him from Mork to Mrs Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams…and so many more.

I love him.


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