Wow – I wrote a book!

At forty-nine, Janine—self-coined ‘Miss Meaningful’—was facing a life filled with question marks. Childless and without a partner, feeling so much uncertainty about her future, she dreamed of more purpose, more passion and more meaning in her life.

She had a blank canvas yet didn’t know how to paint her new life, spending her days wondering, What do I do now? One day, she had an epiphany. Wanderlust called. Trusting her intuition, she sold her Melbourne apartment and stored her belongings to head off on the adventure of a lifetime … or so she thought.

Surviving a deadly virus as it swept across the globe, and facing a myriad of other unforeseen challenges, she returned home to a very different reality. Janine soon discovered that the real adventure was actually within, and that love could arrive in unexpected forms. This is her story.

 “As part of my philosophy of giving back, a portion of profits will go to various charity partners supporting those in need. Further details will be provided in the coming weeks.”

– Janine