Wow – I wrote a book!

At forty-nine, Janine — aka ‘Miss Meaningful’ — faces a future filled with question marks. 

She has a blank canvas yet doesn’t know how to paint her new life. She dreams of purpose, passion and meaning.

One day, she has an epiphany. Wanderlust calls. Trusting her intuition, she sells her Melbourne apartment, stores her belongings and heads off on the adventure of a lifetime … or so she thinks. 

After surviving a deadly virus as it sweeps across the globe and facing a myriad of unforeseen challenges, she returns home to a very different reality.

Janine discovers that the real adventure is within and that love can arrive in unexpected forms. 

This is her story.

 “Thank you for your support.
I cannot wait to write more

– Janine

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Reviews from my readers

Hi Janine, I finished your book very quickly! It was such an enjoyable read; It really came from your soul but it was also funny which gave the journey such great inspiration. Congratulations!


Hey Janine, I am enjoying your book so much. Many things resonating and so beautifully written.


You’re amazing and I started reading your book straight away once I got home, and I loved it! I couldn’t put it down! I read chapter 1 & 2 totally captivated! I love your sense of humour and way of writing! Can’t wait to read the rest!


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