Miss Meaningful explores the ‘soul’ story behind all things meaningful, from products to places and a diverse array of social enterprises and good businesses from around the world.

How it began…

Meet Miss Meaningful

I’m Janine, aka Miss Meaningful. I live by the motto one devoted person can initiate change. Imagine what we could do if we united together! 

I started blogging a decade ago to share meaningful stories from my travels. It’s been a fun way to meet many inspirational people who are making a meaningful difference.

As a learning designer, I have spent the last decade designing, developing and creating creative ‘experiential’ learning courses that engage and empower. 

As a creative writer, I enjoyed my time as a columnist for 3000Melbourne Magazine (2013-2016) where I shared meaningful Melbourne stories to inspire readers to explore and shop local.

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Wanderlust and Misadventures

I’m incredibly proud of this passion project, my memoir. One that started as a promise of wanderlust and ended after many misadventures …and lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia.

It takes a talented team to realise a publishing dream. I’m blessed to have found many incredible angels who not only helped me edit and finesse my story but also support me along the journey. I am so grateful.

Visit my shop to grab a copy or two.

My Charity Partner


A portion of profits from book sales will go to StreetSmart. They are all about community engagement, raising funds and awareness for smaller grassroots homeless services in Australia. Plus, they support many of the UN SDG Goals. They are the perfect partner for me to explore many ways I can not only donate $ but also contribute to making a difference. Stay tuned for more!

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All of these experiences have inspired me to share meaningful stories. Making a meaningful difference motivates me every day. With an ability to gain insight into the human element, join me on a journey discovering, and learning about, all things meaningful.

As part of my philosophy to ‘give back’, I follow the profit for purpose approach to business; distributing a portion of profits to various meaningful projects or charities that align with making a meaningful difference.


I enjoy exploring meaningful stories – from products to places and a diverse array of social enterprises from around the world.

I’m passionate about travel and connecting with different cultures. This has made me adaptable and resilient. It’s given me further cultural sensitivity and the ability to connect with people on all levels. 

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