Single in the Silly Season

by | Dec 20, 2022 | About, Events, Loving Life

I’m really grateful for my life as it is. I’m single and I’m happy about it. At this time of year, I can do whatever I want – when I want. #singal [I’m creating a new hashtag for us single gals!]

I usually find this time of year an effort. I kind of drag myself around….All the parties and celebrations and ‘get things done before Christmas’ shenanigans takes its toll on me by year’s end. Don’t get me wrong, I do like some of the silly season festivities. I simply find it difficult to be ‘festive’ all the time. As a social person, I desperately need my introvert time more and more these days. Is it because I’m older? Is it because I prefer a good night’s sleep to a night out drinking? Probably both!

By the time I turn my cute-fireman-holding-an-adorable-puppy-calendar to December, I’m exhausted. And this year has been pretty full-on. I know I’m not alone. I think we are all still dealing with post-pandemic fatigue. Or maybe it’s the upcoming new moon putting us in a spin!

For me, it’s been full on the past 6 months.. my day job has been a big learning curve, and my ‘weekend’ job blogging and promoting my book has challenged me. […insert a tired but satisfied sigh here because this is life when you are chasing your dreams]. But, I am grateful for the opportunities and for the continued resilience.

So what does a single girl do during the silly season?

She does whatever she wants to do. Whoohooo…that’s the benefit of being solo. #lovethelifeyoulive

We do what makes us happy... we can go out or not. We can drink the night away …or go have a massage. Volunteer. Fundraise. Buy fun gifts for your loved ones. Catch up with family/friends …or hang out with our puppy/cat/neighbour [or insert preferred option here]. The options are endless and this is what makes single life so precious.

Janine and Foxy cuddle time

Holiday time…

The day job is done for a whole month (whoohooo) so I am feeling a little lighter today. For me, I’m all about starting 2023 with a BANG. I’ll share more in the next post. I cannot wait to turn the page of my cute-fireman-holding-an-adorable-puppy-calendar to January 2023. I wonder what the new year will bring for this #singal?

Love and peace, Janine

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