Eco fashion means…

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I’ve been doing lots of research on eco-ethical-fair trade fashion.

These can be defined to cover many different things – from avoiding the use of furs or leather in designs, to wearing vintage clothes or the use of recycled materials in garments.

I love fashion but I’m not obsessed by it and I’m not concerned with labels.  I’m more about beauty (to me), quality and comfort.  As I’ve grown into my own style I know what works and what doesn’t.  My fashion is eclectic like my tastes in many other areas of my life and I like that – it means something different everyday.

So in my research I have discovered a fashion label who has thought about a women’s body, the need for fashionable comfort as well as conscious clothing.

One amazing fashion house, Audrey Blue, is about three things: garments should use organic cotton and other organically grown materials where possible, the production processes should be undertaken according to fair trade and ethical business principles and that the entire production and transportation process should be carbon neutral.

They have designed garments to suit all women’s shapes and sizes – it’s about time a fashion company considered this!  Their fashion line is stylish yet simple – classic, timeless and really beautiful quality.

I have the leggings – they are lightweight and feel like PJ’s but look really hot – I love them.  I will be buying more and living in them over winter.

Over the coming months I’ll be sharing what I’ve discovered about meaningful fashion so feel free to share any eco, ethical or recycled fashion stories you may have too.

Meaningful fashion – here we come!

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