The best thing about solo travel? You can do what you want, when you want and even change your mind! No apologies needed. It’s fabulous!

I arrived in Montpellier a week ago ready to learn French! I had initially chosen a homestay but after two sleepless nights, I changed my mind and decided to leave. I searched around and found a fabulous apartment in the centre of town. I moved in that day. Je suis content! I’m sure in some circumstances homestays are fabulous. But for me, this one was not the right, shall we say “fit”. I’ve invested a lot in this big trip and I want to do things when I want, how I want and what I want… Carpe Diem!

Then this weekend I decided to visit another town. I chose Nîmes. It’s known for well-preserved Roman monuments but it’s also easy to get around. And, it’s only a 30-minute train ride away! I knew with my frustrating foot pain I wouldn’t get to see everything I wanted to in a day. So I thought.. why not stay the night? And so I did! Tres bien!

I have to say, the ability to do whatever I want, when I want is so important! I feel empowered. And, it provides a feeling of comfort while I struggle through the painful foot challenge. There’s a book title!

C’est la vie!